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FAQ The Science

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

Time waits for none of us and the visible signs of aging can have a serious effect on our confidence. Surgery can be an expensive and drastic option to try and turn back the clock, but at VIVO Clinic Liverpool, our clinically proven radio frequency skin tightening treatments are a non-invasive affordable alternative to surgery.

The applicator uses ultrasound radio frequencies to penetrate the epidermis, heating it to approximately 45 degrees. This causes a remodelling of the collagen fibres, thickening them and producing results in less than an hour and improving the quality of the skin.

radio frequency Skin Tightening treatment

Skin Tightening

Before the relaxing, ultrasound skin tightening procedure, we conduct a comprehensive consultation, which allows us to tailor a plan to suit your needs. The radio frequencies will cause the applicator to rise to around 40 degrees Celsius, and we will closely monitor this to ensure your comfort.

Our ultrasound technology is most commonly used to reduce the signs of gaining on the face, but it is also highly effective at tightening loose skin on other areas of the body, as evidenced by our recent live demonstration on ITV.

Links to independent research on this process is available at the top of the page and we encourage you to book a free telephone consultation in order for us to assess your needs and answer any questions you may have about radio frequency skin tightening at VIVO Clinic Liverpool.

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Skin Tightening Sessions

Results are generally visible after a single session. Beforehand, advice will be given on the duration of the session. Based on the results we will advise you on whether additional sessions are recommended.

Please remember to remove all makeup before your session, otherwise we will not be able to perform the treatment.

After care

Minimal after care is required. We encourage you to use moisturiser on the treated areas.